I live in the North of England with an amazing husband and 2 gorgeous boys.  I love nothing more than watching them just enjoy life, without a care or worry in the world.  Just how childhood should be.  I also love coffee, food, the odd cold beer and obviously photography.  It is a way for me to capture all the memories, all the moments, and freeze them in time, so in years to come we can just remember.  For all the feelings we felt to come flooding back and to be transported back in time to that very minute.  For me, that is what this journey in photography is all about. 


Wind blows. Sails fill. Journey begins.


Oliver - 6 - my first born.  My quiet, gentle, sweet natured boy.  He’s a worrier.  A shy one who subtly lets us know he loves us every day.  An ‘I love you’ whisper at bedtime.  A little cuddle to wake us in the morning.  A quick kiss as he races off to school.  He loves adventure and has a huge imagination.  He wants to be Hulk when he grows up!

Harry - 4 - the complete opposite of his brother.  A loveable soul, who has no worries screaming I LOVE YOU across the playground at the top of his voice.  He never stops talking, never stops cuddling.  Always eating, and always hungry.  He’s loud, boisterous, clumsy and messy.  He’s very animated and brings a smile to everyone, no matter how bad a day they’re having.