What I Know | Behind the Scenes with Heather Reagan

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As a girl, I grew up in a world filled with dresses, princess movies and dolls.  And when I pictured my own kids some day, I pictured the same.  It’s what I knew.

But then I was blessed with two amazing boys and instead of all things pink, my world filled up with cars, wrestling, messes & an overflow of sound effects.  I never realized just how fun all of these things are (OK, maybe not all of the sound effects, but most of it is pretty cool).

And while I may not be able to convince them to watch The Little Mermaid or any of my favorite Disney movies on our movie nights, I now know some pretty awesome things.  Like the names of all the cars from the Cars movie, how to make some pretty amazing forts (I had some practice with these as a kid, but it’s definitely been ramped up to a new level) and how to make a ball maze using only boxes and toilet paper rolls.  I’m learning how to make Lego creations that shoot things (water, fire, it really doesn’t matter as long as they have a super fun sound effect), how to navigate soccer practices and the best way to jump off the couch.

Our house is filled up with the sounds of hammering, trains whizzing around the tracks and lots of giggles.  It’s not unusual to see a ball randomly fly by or to nearly miss stepping over the lines of cars that frequent our living room floor.

A house full of boys is crazy and loud and I wouldn’t trade it for all the princess movies in the world.  Not even The Little Mermaid.  Boys kind of rock and I may just be learning a few fun sound effects myself.