Freezing Time | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

Do you remember how earlier in the month I wrote about connection? No? Ok, go read this, I'll wait......

So, again, the same current of connection is running through this week's post but this time it made me realize something more. 

For the second time this month I'm here drafting this post at the last minute because of choices made this weekend to be with the boys and not behind my computer. And the truth that continues to show itself to me over the last few weeks emerged again as I sent last minute notes for final images and words to the group. We are all managing all these little balls in the air. It doesn't matter how many we each have or how fast we are able to rotate them through we are all just trying so very hard to not drop one (oh and we always drop one).

But I think that making time for our photographs, for our memory keeping, for our words are one of the small ways we stay connected with all those precious life moments that we are desperate not to drop. If we didn't freeze time would we remember that giggle? If we didn't freeze time would we remember the moment? If we didn't freeze time would we remember the current obsession?

What would we miss if we didn't take the time to see?

My lens is my gratitude filter for my life and sometimes only in looking back am I able to make my way through the stress, the busyness and the hurriedness of life and truly connect with my blessings.  

As I worked my way through this post my resolve to pick up my lens more strengthened not only for me but for them. Through the lens we are teaching them to appreciate the beauty in their everyday lives with every frame photographed and I for one most certainly want them armed with their own gratitude filters in this crazy, busy world. 

We would love to see where you choose to freeze time in our Flickr group and under the hashtag #wheretheboysareproject on Instagram. Make sure you visit our Facebook page to see some of the fantastic images we've shared so far from our Flickr page.  

We receive a lot of questions on how to contribute and Flickr is by far the best way to share with this group. In only two months we've had almost 500 images shared in our group and there is some beautiful work there. Thank you to those of you who are sharing your life with us. 

Welcome to the second installment of our October collaborative share where we invite Allison Waken to join us in telling our story. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......

There is nothing like the sound of your giggles. I soak up these moments. When you're able to enjoy the low key days of childhood. When you're the best of friends simply playing on the playground. - Amanda Caves

"The best camera is the one you have with you". That quote is definitely true for this photo. We had just started to let my oldest son play with an old iPhone so he was taking pictures of everything (like his mom). We were up North for a day trip and had decided on a restaurant based on online reviews and their ability to accommodate our food allergies. Once the pizza came out he said "Wait! I have to take a picture first!" Getting into the position I often find myself in. I couldn't help but laugh and get my phone out to take a quick photo before the moment passed. - Allison Waken 

We found a frog, you called him Freddie.  You spent the next 10 minutes inspecting him, watching him.  You were amazed at the way he was breathing, at how long his legs were, how big his eyes seemed. To everyone else it’s just a frog, to you, it’s an adventure. - Amy Lancaster

The summer you turned seven. You decided you love the beach after all. You read every Percy Jackson book. You have a notebook filled with ideas for your novel. You make ‘puppet monsters’ with your hands and have voices and names for eleven different ones. You forget to flush the toilet Every. Single. Time. But you can remember the details of every single book you’ve ever read. You say sports are stupid, but I see the wistful way you watch the other boys when they play. When you can’t sleep you recite the names of the Greek and Roman gods. All you ever really want is your Big Brother’s attention. You tell me I’m beautiful every night when I tuck you in. The summer you turned seven.  - Amy Drucker

Last year, you had the sort of teacher that you'll remember long after your out of school. He saw the flicker of an interest, and lit the spark that lead you to an astronomy obsession. Whether it's a phase or a life long passion remains to be seen, but we'll do our part to nurture it. - Lisa Truesdell

I can't make this stuff up. You said you needed to play baseball and insisted I take pictures. All weekend you watch me camera in hand follow your brothers from field to field with you in tow. Yes, now it is your turn. As much as I cringe every time a ball is kicked or thrown in this living room there is nothing more precious in this house to me except you. - Monica McNeill

I have made some of my favourite layouts at the 11th hour of a deadline. This was the last of my layouts done with the Studio Calico Underground kits, and I was under the gun to get it glued. I'm sure many of you can relate. ;)

I had printed out the photo earlier and put it aside, not really knowing what I'd do with it, as I sometimes have a hard time scrapping 'posed' pictures. I knew I wanted to address how uncomfortable my son looked in the pic, which I found highly amusing when I first saw it. He didn't want to have his picture taken with me, and it took some coaxing before he acquiesced, however reluctantly. 

I always find it so much easier to get a layout going if I have my journaling done first, so I jotted down some thoughts, typed them out on my computer and then went through my supplies. It was a happy accident to find the 'be cool' rub on, and I knew it was perfect for the title of my layout the second I saw it. I decided on a very simple design, added my title at the top and a few embellishments, and called the page done in less than 1/2 an hour. While it would be nice to scrapbook a layout with a pic of my son hugging me, ( aka the toddler years)  I think it's kind of hilarious that my husband captured such a telling shot of my son's 'I'm too cool for Mom' attitude at age 14 - I think it's a classic! And I know deep down he really does love me, just not on camera, please. ;) - Melanie Louette

He volunteers to take a walk, to chat, to share, to laugh with me more than ever before, and this gift is not at all lost on me. I have no way of knowing when this will change--when he'll stop seeking my answers, my company, my hand in a crowded store.  And so, I soak. I soak in the words, the eye contact, and genuine laughter while they're still in my grasp. If the preteen rumors are true, I may soon be studying the fine art of Sighs, Eye Rolls, and Pauses. Until then, I soak. - Jen Lucas 

Week 23 was an every-day kinda week for us, now that we've gone back to school and fallen back into a regular sports schedule.  I mixed "big camera" (Canon 5D Mark ii) shots with iPhone (5S) shots in this spread.  Through photos -- I managed to capture artwork and school projects from both of my boys this week.  Snapping a picture of these priceless art projects is such an easy way to preserve them for years to come. - Susan Weinroth

You are growing up so fast, even though I want you to stay my baby.  You look up to big brother so much and since September, you can’t stop talking about him starting kindergarten and how you get to go to his big kid school when you turn 5.  You watch everything that he does and have even started writing some letters as you observe him working on his.  You both do your “homework” together and I love this new routine.  I love even more that your “homework” ends up being a swirly maze of lines once you’ve tired of practicing your O’s and E’s because it reminds me that you are still little.  So you get to be my baby a little bit longer and you get to feel like a big kid alongside your brother.  Win-win. - Heather Reagan

There are these moments of easy, natural togetherness that fill me with pride and a tender happiness I can't begin to describe.

 The greatest gift I've ever given you is each other.  I've known this always.  Through all the bickering and tears.  Through the "he started it" and "I hate him" and "it's my turn!!",  there is a peace I've known in my heart: you will share a love that will carry you. - Amy Bernard