The Beauty of Boys | Behind the Scenes with Ann Woodard

This post is part of a series of behind the scene posts authored by the Where The Boys regular contributors. This is our opportunity to share with you the very best of us and our different perspectives on mothering / capturing / documenting our sons. Our hope is that in these posts you find encouragement and inspiration in your journey of celebrating your son(s). 

Today's post is brought to you by Ann Woodard. To get to know the author better and connect with their work visit their individual page here

Wanted to say here Happy Homecoming Day to Ann and her family!!!! After an almost 9 month deployment her husband is home!! Thank you to the Woodard family for your service and sacrifice for this country. 

Ann Woodard, Photographer

To my boys:

Seeing the beauty that is you: the way the light wraps your skin and fluffs your hair, how your soft but so strong boy bodies bend, twist, reach.  Warm, brown, sand-coated like a sugar cookie.  Playing, dancing, climbing, laughing.  This is how it feels to love you both.