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Definitely the current running through the post this week. I don't read the words until after the images have been split into two posts. I don't write the introduction until I've read the words. This morning a smile crossed my face as all these connections between brothers and mothers and sons jumped out at me. 

I smiled because in this era of constant connectivity and on the surface relationship here is evidence of connection. Mama's watching their babies grow and taking time to really see them and cherish who they are in this moment. Brothers following, mimicking, (I'm certain of fighting), and engaging in one another.  Mama's making time for adventure and play and just enjoying their son. 

This post snuck up on me this week and last night I should have been at the computer drafting, posting, scheduling but I made the choice not to. The computer never turned on. Instead I spent that time watching and playing without a distraction in sight. Yes to more of that. Yes to more connection. 

We would love to see your connections in our Flickr group and under the hashtag #wheretheboysareproject on Instagram. Make sure you visit our Facebook page to see some of the fantastic images we've shared so far from our Flickr page.  

We receive a lot of questions on how to contribute and Flickr is by far the best way to share with this group. In only two months we've had almost 500 images shared in our group and there is some beautiful work there. Thank you to those of you who are sharing your life with us. 

Welcome to the first installment of our October collaborative share where we invite Ali Deck to join us in telling our story. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......

Saturday morning, you just finished your breakfast before your PSR class  and for a moment when I looked at you, I thought how is it possible that you have grown up so fast? How is it possible that God has blessed my life as only he can?

My love: sometimes I feel you're a little boy and you really are not, you're my little old man. I’m so blessed to have you. - Antonieta Esis

Lately, you’ve felt that your little brother has been a pest.  I get it.  You’re too little yourself to see: he copies you because he thinks you’re cooler than mommy;  he wants to be around you because he loves your games;  he wakes you up in the morning because he can’t wait to see you; he cries because he wants to be tough like you, but just isn’t that strong yet.  Yes, having a little brother can be tiresome.  Someday soon I hope you realize - his friendship is one of the greatest blessings you’ll ever have. - Ann Woodard

I know as they get older their relationship might get complicated and messy.  But right now, it’s very simple: they have each other. - Erika Ray

“Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.”

-Sorin Cirin, Wisdom Collection:  The Book of Wisdom

We sat together by my bedroom window and watched the passing of a storm.  We talked about the giant in the clouds responsible for all the noise. We talked about nature.  About lightning, about thunder, about rain and about clouds.  About things whose beginning, middle and end can be hard sometimes to understand.

And then I found this quote.

And I finally began to comprehend the meaning of infinity and the real lesson of that afternoon.

- Janielle Granstaff

Your follower, your shadow, your friend......just look back, and he is always there....following in your footsteps.  Your little brother who is  always copying and learning from you.  My heart skips a beat when I think you were that little not so long ago following your older brother...but now, as you are exploring the big world, I see how quickly you have grown...I am treasuring all these moments as they pass by too quickly. - Sarah Roberts

Brook no challenge. Not when there is fruit to be harvested. Never mind you are way too short to reach them (stick or no stick). Never mind they are inedible apples. The process of solving the problem is the fun part. I’m praying you’ll always feel that way. - Linda Barber

I silently panicked when we walked out to this lighthouse.  The wind was blowing furiously and the waves were crashing up against the concrete.  All three of you walked ahead as if you didn't even notice.  All I could think was, "What if they fall?"  I shouted out several stern warnings over the sound of the waves, then stopped to frame you in my lens.  Later, when I looked at the photo on my screen, I saw this beautiful sight.  There you were, leaping as if you thought you could fly over the gap in the walkway, the sun casting your shadow with arms spread wide.  And suddenly I was thankful we didn't stay on the shore. - Abbi Ottman

They make me laugh. They make me cry, and all three of them make me wish it was 5 o'clock on many days. However, these are our memories, and I know that all too soon they will be no more. No more whining, no more toys and no more noise. This is when I stop and really breathe them in. I take in the moments because they are all just moments that will fade to grey...and all that is left is that image. - Ali Deck

It was the end of another weekend, back to school the next day. Time for one more adventure? For even just twenty minutes? Sun starting to get low, let's go. - Cate Wnek

“Hey Mum, let’s play lion catch!” he says. “Ok” I say (secretly thinking what on earth is ‘lion catch’). Let’s just say I’m glad that I’ve been working out because I needed my muscles to catch you as you flew off the bed trying to catch your prey – aka, me! - Anna Bein