Now and Forever | Behind The Scenes With Janielle Granstaff

This post is part of a series of behind the scene posts authored by the Where The Boys regular contributors. This is our opportunity to share with you the very best of us and our different perspectives on mothering / capturing / documenting our sons. Our hope is that in these posts you find encouragement and inspiration in your journey of celebrating your son(s). 

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It’s mornings like these when I am reminded of the purpose and the beauty of it all.  To wake you up and watch the day begin at a place where beginning, middle and end have no meaning.  Where they are one and the same.  Where the definition of time as we call it gets jumbled up and merges with the definition of now and forever. 

We come as we are, you still in your pajamas, and we bundle up with blankets and love on a cool cloudy morning in the early fall. 

And suddenly the fog lifts, and again I can see beyond the clutter of our lives- the one  imposed by routine. And I tell myself…this is how I want life to feel for you now and forever. Uninhibited, free. Like a cool crisp fall morning at the beach in your pajamas.