Wild Rumpus | Where The Boys Are Flickr Feature

In my house my three boys are split into two camps - the littles (ages two & four) and my oldest (age ten). It is plain to see that each camp has a different relationship with my camera and unfortunately my Lightroom catalog reflects this. So, when I came across Jackie Cuervo's work and saw her teenage son prevalent I knew I wanted to see more. One image led to another and I discovered an entire album in her Flickr gallery and knew I had to share. Not only did she capture her son and his friends in an authentic way, she did it on film. 

You can find more of Jackie's work and links to all her social media on her site, here

Let the wild rumpus start!
— Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Living in South Florida has its perks, like no snow during Spring Break and a beach in your back yard.  Since this time of year is my husband's busy tax season, we are not usually able to venture out of town so we plan some stay-cation fun.  I headed over to Hollywood Beach with my son and a few of his friends to spend the day on the beach providing the perfect opportunity to experiment with my Dad's old Canon AE-1.

Photographing my son has required more finesse than photographing my daughter and her friends that were always pretty agreeable - I don't want to be the mom with the camera in their face all the time and want to give them space to just be boys.  Personally I love sitting back, watching and catching moments as they unfold.   I find that keeping moments simple and including friends lends to capturing authentic moments of my son at this stage of his life.  As he gets older, starts driving and becomes more independent, I will only have but a quick moment before he heads out the door to capture a photo.  It's days like these when I say call some friends I'll take you to the beach or the paintball park and sneak in some photos.

The sun-drenched windy beach day, a kite, a football, some fun cycles and boys being boys were all the ingredients required for a great day and made for some of my favorite images captured on film.  

Best of all, these teenage boys didn't check their phones once!