The Beginning | Where The Boys Are, A Memory - Keeping Revolution


This is the first time we come together in this space and our excitement to be here has been contagious between us. When you boil it down we are a group of women raising men telling their story in pictures and words but if you are looking for the longer story you can find it here

As we were crafting what this space would be I came across a simple brush script message on Instagram from Maggie Massey to "write it down". She elaborated in her comments "Our photos are SO important, but our stories are critical. Write them down. Whatever they are. Whatever it's a story that should be told. Let's start a memory - keeping revolution. Right this minute."

It was then we knew that words had to be a permanent fixture in this place. Before we came together we were already individually capturing, writing, honoring our story but now it was time to share our stories together. 

We are women raising men telling their story in pictures and words. 

Twice a month we will join in this space to share our stories with each other, with you, and will invite a guest to join us in this journey. Twice a month we will each share a longer look into our own personal memory - keeping journey because we all have a longer story to tell. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......

Camp morning conversations are filled with at least a dozen "put your shoes on please!" along with a mix of tantrums about why the weekend isn't here yet and sunshine-y cheers excited to see school friends.  The complicated (pre) pre-tween deep in thought and the easy, free-spirit delight.  In so many ways, this is who you both are.  A balance.  A boy who draws us close, and another who lifts us up. - Amy Bernard


It makes me so happy to see the three of you playing together. No video games! Outdoors! Active! Soon, the shenanigans become crazier and crazier and someone will shout, "Mom, take a photo of this?" Why, yes, I'll take some photos. A lot of photos. - Linda Barber

It strikes me, now and again, just how different they are. "Give me a gargoyle face," I said - and they did. Each in their own way. I am thankful for these moments where they humor my photo requests, and thankful for the things I see when I look back at the images. - Lisa Truesdell

You napped.  You never nap, and haven’t taken a proper nap for a good 2 years.  It was so tempting to scoop you up and let you sleep in my arms, but the reality was, I knew it would wake you, and I knew you needed a little catch up.  So instead, I sat and I watched. I am all to aware that in 2 short months our days together, just me and you, will be over as you move up to ‘big school’. - Amy Lancaster

You learned to dive and clear your snorkle. Now a level 4 swimmer, you are so proud. So proud after spending 3 years in level one. You cleared level 3 in one week. It's not so much that you accomplished something that makes me proud, it's that you are proud of your accomplishment. - Cate Wnek

The small moments of routine are the necessary punctuation in our otherwise hectic days. - Amy Drucker

Despite the number of sprinklers we have, nothing beats the hose and a homemade “car wash” as you called it.  One of you super serious about spraying the water, and the other so carefree as you run through the mist.  You make a great team together. - Heather Reagan

You conquered waves and relished in the ocean together and with  your cousins until the sun could no longer caress the waves. And just like those waves, as time spent with family comes and goes, I hope the memories made will continue to shine as beautiful as the light bathing you that night. - Janielle Granstaff

It's summer!!!

When you're outside the world changes.

Fresh air and bright sun fill your soul and mine too.

- Antonieta Esis

At the age of 3 you are so eager to learn everything and are very determined to copy your brothers and use your skateboard.  The first obstacle...balance. - Sarah Roberts

I want to make sure that I remember the quiet little everyday moments between my boys just as well as the loud and crazy momentous ones.  To get this shot I quietly sat outside the bedroom door and snapped before they even realized that I was there.  Wide angle lens, high ISO, and super-stealth techniques! - Susan Weinroth

You are my little budding photographer.  I love this photo, the beach, the lines, your little crinkled face as you so seriously compose your shot, and the fact that you are wearing red.  You are always wearing red, it's been your favorite color since you were old enough to know what colors are. - Abbi Ottman

The boys and I ventured to the natural playground near our house. They were stoked when we came across these really cool tee-pee like structures. They're pretending to cook dinner over an open fire. - Amanda Caves

Here we are, mid-summer, and thoroughly in the groove of daily life.  We wake later than usual, bed-headed, bleary-eyed and stretchy, and make our way to the kitchen for steamy coffee and cold juice.  Pajama-clad, you three devour a bag of toasted bagels and plums that taste like July, and then tumble into the sun soaked yard.   The day takes on a more programmed life shortly thereafter, and we leave the laziness of summer for tomorrow. - Jen Lucas

Spur of the moment bike ride with my little. It doesn't happen very often anymore, but I hang tight to the times when I can spend any amount of one on one time with my boys. Even if it involves bribing with Dairy Queen. - Krista Resnick

Our house constantly teeters on the edge of pure fun and pure anger.  You just have to know when to actually step in and be the referee. - Erika Ray

We have a fun time exploring together, which somehow always seems to include my oldest recreating a scene from Indiana Jones with my youngest reprising the role of villain. - Ann Woodard


Camping is when we reconnect as a family, spending precious time together & long lazy days doing not much of anything but hanging out. These are by far my favourite moments of the year. Happy, relaxed and honestly enjoying each other's company. - Melanie Louette

We spent a warm winter’s day at the beach where you found so many little adventures. You looked so tiny amongst the wide open sand and tall buildings of the city behind you.  And as you danced freely around in the cool soft white sand your face lit up with pure happiness and joy. - Anna Bein

With the littles in bed we snuck out the front door to get a good look at the Super Moon. Not a moment to spare you grabbed your Dad's shoes and I grabbed my camera. As you ran down the sidewalk in shoes at least two sizes too big and I kept calling out warnings, I couldn't help but remember your toddler days and a knowing smile crept across my face. No matter how big you get you will always be my baby. - Monica McNeill