Documenting Out & About | Behind the Scene with Sarah Roberts

This post is part of a series of behind the scene posts authored by the Where The Boys regular contributors. This is our opportunity to share with you the very best of us and our different perspectives on mothering / capturing / documenting our sons. Our hope is that in these posts you find encouragement and inspiration in your journey of celebrating your son(s). 

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Wherever I take my boys, my camera comes too! Not my best camera though, I have an old back-up camera with an old 50mm f1.8 lens attached to it permanently. I would be sad but not heartbroken if this got damaged during our adventures, not like I would if my good camera and 50mm f1.4 lens got damaged lol! This camera has had a few knocks but is ideal for use out and about as I can’t guarantee it surviving sometimes lol!!

At first, I was apprehensive and a bit embarrassed about getting my camera out in a public place like a shop for example…but now it has become the norm. If I get approached to ask what I am doing, I simply reply 'I am documenting my boys lives for them, and for me'. It is more important for me to capture their lives now and not to worry what people think about it.

As a photographer mum I take my boys out of the norm, for example, I would probably not of bothered to take them to the beach late evening just to capture them playing on the warm sand in the sunset with the tide chasing them up the beach. It was naughty of me keeping my 3 year old up till late at night but it is the holidays and my boys loved it! My eldest two played together (they usually fight) and my youngest was running around collecting shells. They lay on the beach with the still warm sand beneath them, smiling together. A precious memory to treasure of them happy, but most importantly together. Childhood is so magical with no worries – I want them to feel this happiness forever, as one day they will be grown men and all the worries that comes with adulthood. I captured this moment for them, and for me. Time goes past so fast and these little things are easily forgotten. 

Whatever life faces them in the future, no one can take away their memories of childhood, I am just there to document it for them.