Documenting Everything for My Boys & Me | Behind the Scene with Antonieta Esis


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I have a rule at home: always to have my camera ready! I do not take pictures every day but there are moments and little things that are important to me like the things my boys do and live each and every day.

I've always said that my passion for photography began when I had my boys, they are my inspiration and I'm here for them.

This summer has been very special…

As a mother of boys is very easy to know that our home can be a complete mess most of the days:  clothes, legos, toy cars, super heroes, shoes, water guns, star wars masks, etc. everywhere… and a pile of dirty laundry that never ends.

 For long time, my boys were asking to bring a dog home; for one reason or another we always had an excuse not get one. With two boys sometimes there is not a lot free time: school and after-school activities, dentist appointments, park time, etc.. How could we possibly bring a dog?

 So finally this summer we decided to bring a dog into the family, and we did  find "Rocky" our puppy, a rescued dog!.

 Now I am sure we did it at the right time, as a mother is wonderful to see how the boys loved Rocky from the first day, they talk to him as if he was a baby, even if he breaks something (as a toy) my oldest son says “he did not want to do it mom, he is a baby” and he is right, I feel that now I have 3 children.

 I'm sure this will be a summer they will never forget.

 Here are some images of “my boys with Rocky”.