Boys on Film | Behind the Scenes with Abbi Ottman

This post is part of a series of behind the scene posts authored by the Where The Boys regular contributors. This is our opportunity to share with you the very best of us and our different perspectives on mothering / capturing / documenting our sons. Our hope is that in these posts you find encouragement and inspiration in your journey of celebrating your son(s). 

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One of my favorite ways to document life with our boys is on film.  There is something so organic and raw about the photos, and I love that it forces me to slow down and think about each shot.  It also allows me to really be in the moment with them, instead of getting wrapped up in shooting.  

Each time we leave the house and I know I'll possibly want to capture our activities, I grab one of my 35mm film cameras.  The bonus of this is that they're light weight, and if one should happen to get lost or broken I won't be out a huge chunk of money.  It's fun to use different cameras and film stocks and be able to achieve a variety of results.  I know the photos will likely be grainy or less than perfect, and that I won't have a whole roll of keepers.  But when scan day comes and I see our life on film, I get excited reliving the moments I shot and seeing the ones that turned out.

If I'm shooting something important that I know I for sure don't want to miss, I use my "big girl" digital camera and shoot to my heart's content, and enjoy culling and editing the images.  But film has worked its way into a special place in my life.