Unchartered Waters | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

As our boys grow we navigate unchartered waters, unsure of what to document, camera at the ready. Where will they allow our cameras? When we look back what will stand out as pivotal? How do we know which moments to document when there are no clear lines boxed around milestones as there were when they took their first steps, ate the first foods, lost their first tooth? In some ways not knowing what is to come, what will become valuable, is a gift because everything has us reaching for our camera. 

“To know ahead of time what you’re looking for means you’re then only photographing your own preconceptions, which is very limiting, and often false.” – Dorothea Lange

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Welcome to the first installment of our September collaborative share where we invite Amy Nowak to join us in telling our story. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......

I don’t want to send my kids out into the world not knowing how to clean, cook, and do laundry for themselves. That said, when they are grown and gone, I hope to live close enough, so I can still bring them food once in a while. But I’m not doing laundry! - Linda Barber

When I'm not busy being "The Worst Mom Ever" and you two are getting along well enough not to be referenced in quiet texts with Daddy as our "Darling Little Psychopaths"… we have this.  Me, the cool mom who catches frogs and teaches you to hold them (and to not be afraid).  You two, the miraculous gifts that you are - able to teleport me back in time while somehow keeping in the moment so I'm paling around in our adventure feeling like a kid again with you. - Amy Bernard

A wish for my boys, always:

If you carry restlessness in your heart, then you are alive

If you carry the sparkle of dreams in your eyes, then you are alive

Learn to live like the gust of wind

Learn to flow like the waves of the sea

Receive every moment in life with open arms

See every moment as a new beginning

If you carry surprise in your eyes, then you are alive

If you carry restlessness in your heart, then you are alive

- Javed Akhtar, translated from Hindi

I learned some things about you that morning. Of course, I already knew you could fix all of your energy on how badly you want something. (Trust me, I know this.) But to see you train every fiber of your being on getting to the other side of the pool; to see you so focused on doing your best; those things took me off guard, and I was overcome with the emotion of watching you grow into yourself right before my eyes. - Amy Drucker

You are totally adored by your two older brothers...each fighting for your attention!  Our recent trip to a play park was no different...they look after you and took it in turns to take you down the slide, which was much more fun I think in the safety of your brothers arms! - Sarah Roberts

It’s definitely the little things in life that make you happy. It took less than 10 minutes to devour the whole bag of fairy floss. With each mouthful, the blue rim around your mouth grew larger and every time I caught a glimpse I just smiled. - Anna Bein

It was the Friday of the first week of school and I owed you something. I had made you a promise. One I need to keep for myself too. That the freedom of just being in the moment, the same one we felt all throughout summer, is really up to us in the making. No need to wait until next summer. - Janielle Granstaff

When my friend came to visit and brought her three boys, I had no idea what or where we’d discover our next treasure.  This past weekend, we found it in a recycling bin: lots of boxes and papers.  And maybe an unopened bag of pretzels.. - Erika Ray

There is nothing in me that even wants to know how many soda’s they have drank this summer.  I will worry about it once the dentist bill comes. - Krista Resnick

Often times I will hear moms say that they just want to keep their kids young, cute, and innocent.  I admit I use to say those things as well.  Then you started getting much older.   I hesitated to take my camera out as much to capture you.  Quickly, I realized that if I didn’t photograph you just because you were getting older and not doing the “cute” things anymore, that I would be missing one of the most important times of your life.   You may be growing up and walking away towards more and more independence, but the fact that I get to be here and witness it is a true gift.   Right before my eyes, you are growing into the man you will become. - Amy Nowak