The Ultimate American Vacation | Behind the Scenes with Amanda Caves

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Disney World.

The ultimate American vacation.

We'd always said that we would take the boys ONCE and only once; when they were old enough to remember. They were ages four and six on this trip, and I know it's something they will always remember. Three out of the four of us had never been to Disney world, so it was definitely a trip of a lifetime. We surprised the boys the morning we left, and they were over the moon.

Obviously, Disney World with boys is not quite the same as Disney World with girls, and there were many times during the trip that I was thankful that we were able to skip the insane lines to meet the princesses, the whole glittery makeover experience, and the wearing of Halloween-esque poofy dresses in the 90 degree heat. With that said, I must tell you that Wilder's favorite part of Disney World was "The Little Nermaid Ride" as he called it. He even met Ariel, who mistakenly wrote "To Robert" in his autograph book because he either didn't speak clearly enough, or she couldn't quite believe someone would name their child Wilder.

Despite the heat, the lines, and the amazingly crappy food (keeping it real here), we had an amazing time.