The Second Chapter | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

Today we are two months shy of our celebrating our first collaborative post in this space and in those ten months something pretty amazing has happened, I've seen the law of attraction first hand. The tribe of women raising boys that I draw inspiration and encouragement from has grown stronger and larger. I hope that the same is true for you.

You may have noticed a theme in the last few posts I've written - life is big and the struggle is real.

What makes life big and where we struggle is unique to each of us but the thread that ties us all together is that there is ebb and flow. Days (weeks,months) where we are rocking it and days (weeks,months) where we could really use a life preserver to keep us afloat. 

I have been in desperate need of a life preserver lately. 

There were two choices, there is always a choice, I could either let this project go quiet OR I could build a bigger life preserver for me, for my fellow contributors, for you. 

Let's just say we will be anything but quiet in this space.

I am so excited to announce that over the last few weeks in a flurry of late night and early morning messages we have been reaching out to these fourteen amazing Mama's and creatives that have come into our lives over the last year and asked them to join our collaboration. 

There is strength in numbers and we are now thirty four women joining together to make our collective voice in this journey stronger. There will be ebb and flow in the voices you hear in our posts but know that we are all here listening and drawing encouragement from one another and sharing with you when we can. 

Over the next few weeks we will be adding these Mama's to our contributor grid and I invite you to get to know them better. But for today I wanted to introduce you to the new faces you will see around here. 

Thank you to these ladies for adding their voices to our story. 

Leah Cook

Allison Waken 

Autumn Nguyen

Adriana Gomez

Donya Gjerdingen

Nina Callow

Sharon McKeeman



We will be back tomorrow with our May post.