Love Notes | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

Do you know that moment when you walk in a room and everything is just right and in that space your heart aches from bursting with love? And then for a split second you hold your breath in an attempt to fill all your being with that moment? 

This month it is as if we collectively had that moment.

Welcome to our May collaborative post, where we share our love notes.  We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......

As the day closes, we unwind in big brother's room, in the warm light of the setting sun. They always find a way back to the comfort of together. - Kelly Sutton

I'm going to be real honest. These days it's hard to peel you off of video games. And often times I blame myself. Where did I go wrong? Was it laziness on my part? Was it just "easier" to allow you game time in order for me to play the never-ending catch up game that is housework?  And now is this the price I have to pay? A sort of mean, inhuman karma thing?

Motherhood is plagued by guilt, what ifs, where did I go wrongs and how could I do betters.

So times like these make me happy. They make me real happy. Two of you, freshly bathed, outside enjoying the sunshine after the rain. I see your smiles in a different context. It makes me remember, oh yea, there have always been smiles. And I hear a little voice whispering in my ear, telling me I might just be doing better at this gig than I give myself credit for.  Reminding me to be easier on myself. To be more forgiving of myself. To treat myself with more respect.

You both push me to look for the best in me. - Janielle Granstaff

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key of the life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me I didn't understand the assignment...and I told them they didn't understand life. - John Lennon

- Antonieta Esis

I am a mom of a preteen.  I am a mom of a preteen.  This reminder plays on repeat in my mind.  Your age still shocks me.  I see both subtle and dramatic changes in you each day.  You're a young man and I sincerely could not be more proud of who you are now and who you are becoming. - Michelle L Morris

Today, You should have been doing your homework. Today, I should have been cooking a roast, but this day, was going to be about new adventures. The homework will still be there in the morning; roast dinners can be eaten on Tuesday’s right? But there will never be another today – the day we found our own piece of paradise. - Nina Callow

It was an absolute downpour! So what did you guys do? Like typical boys you started up a game of basketball of course! Soon the downpour was a light sprinkle and you all started to run across the street to the creek. I heard my name being yelled, “Mom! Mom!”, so I ran outside. You guys were half way to the creek, running and yelling, “Come on, Mom!”. You better believe I grabbed my camera and trekked through the muddy-tall-wet-itchy weeds to get to you boys! I love that the three of you have each other for these adventures and I love it even more that you still want me to come on them with you. My camera and I aren’t always welcome anymore and getting a picture without a silly face is tricky but you guys are completely and utterly in the moment here, just being boys. So those crazy faces, I couldn’t love them more. Oh…and just so you know, any time you call my name…without a doubt, I will be there. - Juli Jones

From mountains to oceans, road runners to sea lions, you’re absolute favorite part of our road trip adventure was running through White Sands.  And seeing that smile? You better believe I’ll be bringing you back.  - Donya Gjerdingen

This kid. He totally slays me.  He’s our “baby”, and even though he’s 12 – nearly a teenager(!), he’s still all about the simple things.  A walk always includes finding a stick -- the bigger, the better.  Or, in this case, a big, funky, curvy, wispy one.  He exclaimed, “Look, Mom! I found a big smile!”  I pray that this sweet “baby” of mine may always find big smiles and enjoyment of the “simple things”. - Susan Keller

The excitement when you pick me flowers and give them to me....the joy and happiness when I receive them from you....I love you my precious boy. - Sarah Roberts

Mom-confession:  When we moved your crib-turned-toddler-bed from your room, I felt a loss.  I shouldn’t have, but I did.  And then I watched you in the emptiness.  My blissful boy dancing to a rhythm all in his head - unburdened - with confidence and style.  You are magic.  I am forever drawn in with love, envy, pride and a happiness that fills my heart.  I so wish I were more like you. - Amy Bernard

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. – Eckhart Tolle

- Jen Lucas

He’s very patient when teaching them valuable life skills.

Which on it’s own is an incredibly valuable life skill.

- Erika Ray

Get out the hose. Spray the hose. Get all wet. Repeat. How can I say no? That smile gets me every time! - Kelly Noel

Every season with you, I get to see the world reborn through your eyes. Whether nature is shuttering its doors for winter or unfurling each showy leaf, it doesnt matter. You see it all and give it equal attention. You dazzle me. - Andrea Moffatt

You turned 11.  How is that possible?  It does seem like ages ago that I was rocking you to sleep, singing worship songs as you sang along under your binky.  It's one of the sweetest memories I have of you.  Now, you're independent and strong-willed, a force to be reckoned with, for sure.  Although this is only a snapshot of your day and nothing artistic worth mentioning, the frame contains every close friend in your life.  These are the people that love you, that teach you what it means to be a friend.  Some day, Lord willing, you will all be grown up and still together; the gang.  I pray that in this year to come, I will be the mom you need me to be.  Love you so much, Bean. - Abbi Ottman

For the last two months whenever we’d mention your birthday, you would talk about what you wanted.  In the weeks leading up to it, you already assumed you would get it.  As you opened your presents, while excited about what you were getting, you’d ask where it was.  And finally as you opened the last one, your eyes lit up.  There it was!  The electric pencil sharpener!  You ran upstairs and gathered up all the pencils you’d been saving and excitedly plugged it in to try it out (with Daddy’s help).  I would never have guessed such an everyday item would bring you so much joy.  I love that you’re here to remind me that some of the simplest things in life bring the most happiness.  Happy Birthday little man! - Heather Reagan

It will hurt my heart when he no longer cares to see the magical fuzzies blowing in the breeze. With each year, a bit more of his innocence vanishes, and it makes me take notice of the everyday glories of childhood… especially because he’s the baby. - Ali Deck

On Saturday afternoon, the day before Mother's day, you were wearing your new green shirt, and your new green sunglasses. I had yet to try Portra 800, and it was mostly cloudy. We were on the way over to the neighbor's forsythia bush, when we stopped here first. There were these new green leaves, which went so well with your shirt and sunglasses. You are so good to me to let me take your picture again and again. I know how hard it is to stand there for a few minutes while I meter and manually focus. The best part, we do what I call, The don't blink dance", which always makes my heart flutter. I ask you to close your eyes, I do that for all my portraits actually, and then when you open them, I shoot. It is such a funny back and forth that we do. We often step on each others toes. Oooh, you blinked, or oooh, I forgot to take the dark slide out, meaning you have to close your eyes again. And possibly refocus if you shift your feet. The whole process makes me smile, even you are a bit bored at times little dude. I really appreciate your patience with me, I know you want to get back to playing soccer. I really thank you, because the time we have taking your pictures together is one of my biggest treats. - Cate Wnek

I love photographs and how they freeze you just as you are but sometimes I want to bottle you. The way you move, they way you react to the unexpected, the words you say those are the  somethings that I want to bottle. So when you are twenty and our adventures are fewer and farther apart and they transform from parks and fireflies to  campus and parent's weekend I'll open up my cabinet and hold my heart over with these bottles of the past. - Monica McNeill 


Where the boys are... This photo is not what I envisioned as my first share... It's an iPhone pic hurriedly taken before school today. I imagined a stunning image showing his amazing green eyes with the stuffed animal he once adored and couldn't sleep without. When he heard what I wanted he asked me "will this be on Facebook?" As he turned and hid his face I realized I was asking a lot of a 13 year old and I let him hide his face as my mind switched thoughts from "where the boys are?" To "where is my boy?" 

Where did my little boy go?

The three year old with his Bob the Builder tractor singing "can we fix it? YES WE CAN!" and the airplane rides given by my legs are long gone as well. I can't even remember the last time I was able to swoop him up and into my arms. I find my heart aching to have the chance to relive those fleeting toddler years quite often. They were messy and exhausting and frustrating at times... But every tear then could be mended with a hug and a kiss and (who are we kidding?) a piece of candy! Oh, how I wish our troubles were that easy to mend today. - Adriana Gomez