We Are BACK | Where the Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

We were on a break. 

[If you get the reference, while not representative of this situation but still too good to resist, we are forever Friends]

But now we are BACK!! Back to monthly posts, back to sharing on Facebook, back to sharing on Instagram, back to Flickr

Welcome to our January collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


This past October was a pretty exciting month around here as we got to witness our Kansas City Royals win the World Series for the first time in 30 years. I was 10 years old the last time they won, just like you are 10 years old now getting to experience their 2nd World Series win. There’s no doubt in my mind though that you and your brothers were 1000X more into it and more excited than I was 30 years ago!

I was your typical girly girl who never had nor has ever played a sport in my life and watching sports made me want to gouge my eyes out. Fast forward to my present day life as a mom to 3 boys who love sports in all aspects. Funny how life works like that!

Now, of course, watching you boys play sports is one of my greatest joys. I have even learned to like watching them on TV with you guys! There have been so many times where I’ve laughed and said to myself “Who am I?!”. I still don’t know a thing about the rules and all the technical stuff. You all LOVE to tease me when I try and act like I do sometimes and I don’t ever want that dynamic to change.

Our family didn’t miss a single game during the World Series. All rules and bedtimes went out the window. Games lasting until midnight with school the next day, yet we were up cheering like crazy!  I couldn’t have loved it more and was actually sad when it was over. That precious time together bonding as a family over baseball will forever be a favorite memory etched in my mind.

I would have laughed in your face years ago if you would have told me I would sit through a 14 inning game glued to the screen and everything else that has come with this motherhood journey of mine. Thank you boys for how you continue to teach me daily. The mom you boys have helped me to grow into is someone I never imagined I could be nor someone that I thought I would want to be, but is someone I can honestly say I’m proud to be. I can’t even imagine it any other way now and for that I am eternally grateful. Way to go Royals! - Juli Jones

I’ve been watching you become more and more ‘grown up’ as each day goes by. But I can still see my little boy in there. I’m going to soak it up for as long as I can.  - Anna Bein

Slowly but surely you're teaching me how to slow down....one of the biggest lessons of my life. - Janielle Granstaff

From window to table, a sliver of pale light travels over strewn icy skate blades, heaped snow pants, wet mittens, and a confetti Lego sprinkled in for good measure---a 5-year-old’s winter obstacle course. These quiet, snow insulated afternoons belong to us.  The wind hugs the house. Curly steam rises from the heavy pot. I’m acutely aware of how quickly winter evaporates to spring. Then our sweet summer leads to Kindergarten. And my heart hurts in such an unexpected way. I feel compelled to Get Close. To see the light kiss your eyelashes while you eat warm soup on a cold day. - Jen Lucas

I was going to share a beautiful portrait of my boys.  One that they look so handsome and older.  One I’ll print and proudly hang on my wall. 

But this one... This photo of my boys shows my life.  If I was on the inside, I would have begged for them to stop.  I probably would have gotten to the point where I yelled at them to stop.  But this night, I was on the outside.  Their laughter/screams/future fighting words were muffled.  I watched and simply allowed it to happen.  I looked from the outside and saw how lucky I was to have my life. - Erika Ray

Even after nearly 20 years of parenting boys, I’m still befuddled by many of the ways they choose to and love to spend their time: loud-violent movies, silly SpongeBob, internet-surfing, and fighting-gaming.  But one way they choose to spend their time that never fails to thrill me to the core of my being:  seeing any of them engrossed, engaged, enthralled by reading.  Even if only cartoons.  And maybe especially if Bloom County. - Susan Keller

It wont be long until you are too big to ride on Daddy's shoulders...you are now 5 and the youngest of your brothers...growing up just as quick as they did.  I am happy to see you growing up but a part of me wants you to stay little, in this moment, forever..... - Sarah Roberts

The best is yet to come? Or times goes by so quickly? Or how about, today is all there is? Daily I battle those voices in my head and daily I pull myself back to the present to focus on what is in front of me— at that’s this silly, creative boy and his equally silly and creative brother. They made me laugh last year, they will make me proud in the future, and they are my world right now. - Andrea Moffatt

You love this place, the three of you, we’ve been twice already this summer but this was certainly to be our last trip. The cooler air is definitely coming in now, and today we even had to shelter from the rain. It didn’t lessen your enjoyment of the day though, you had a blast on all the rollercoasters and fairground rides squeezing every last moment out of the day. As the sun went down and the neon lights took over, we headed back to the car, stopping only, for freshly made hot doughnuts to tide us all over till tea. - Nina Callow

You're determined to teach yourself how to play drums. I love to peek around the corner and watch the expressions on your face as you try to figure something out. I hope you stick with it because drummers are awesome. - Amanda Caves

What's a boy without a dog?  You guys carry her around like a rag doll, and she happily accomadates you.  She looked slightly worried when you brought her onto the merry-go-round, though.  I don't think she found the thrill of it like you do.  I'm not much a fan of her fur everywhere, or the times that she rolls in nastiness and then wants on your lap.  It might gross me out when I see you rolling around on the dirty floor playing with her.  But, the joy you get from having her around evens it out, I suppose.  - Abbi Ottman

It used to be that the littles were inseparable. But more and more these days I see a shift in the landscape. Owen is realizing that there is this whole other world he wants to be part of with Garrett. Any change has its growing pains but if this is the end game, I'll take them. - Monica McNeill