Plus One | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

The quiet pauses. The seemingly unnoticed triumphs. The not quite invisible signs of change. 

These are the plus one moments of life and on this leap day there is no better thing to do than to share ours with you. 

Welcome to our February collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


anna bein | feb 2016 | where the boys are

When I sit quietly and just observe, I get to stop for a few minutes and soak up the silence. No stress of our hectic daily routine or me yelling out to you in a frenzy to hurry up as we always seem to be running late. I get to see you for the awesome little human that you are. You're so playful, creative and imaginative and I must remind myself daily that it's ok to hit pause and indulge in sweet moments like these. - Anna Bein

jen lucas | feb 2016 | where the boys are

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” –C.S. Lewis

monica mcneill | feb 2016 | where the boys are

Best Valentine’s present ever.

All year you’ve been volunteering as Safety Patrol and while I’ve been desperate to document this, because it’s something you are really enjoying, I’ve stayed away to respect your space.As we were driving to school this particular morning I casually mentioned, “You know, I haven’t documenting safety patrol yet. Do you think I could take a few pictures?”

As I held my breath you said, “Sure.” In disbelief I asked, “Are you sure???” After the last “yes” I didn’t ask again in fear you would change your mind.

You knew I was there but I stood in the background still desperate to respect your space. I am determined to continue documenting your life as you grow into your teenage and adult years. I do my best to do it in such a way that you don’t find it overbearing.

Yes, I could just take the picture but I find myself asking permission more and more before I do to respect where you are in your journey and hope that you continue to allow me to document your path.  - Monica McNeill

nina callow  | feb 2016 | where the boys are

You are part of the tech generation – a generation of small people who understand the workings of a smart phone or tablet almost better than us adults do. This was you, about to embark on a journey to Nanny and Granddads, house quite a car ride away.  You grabbed your Dads phone and your new Christmas headphones and selected a few tunes to make the journey go faster. - Nina Callow

heather reagan | feb 2016 | where the boys are

You squat down to carefully wash the sand off the clam shell you just found partially buried in the sand.  Your eyes widen and a huge smile appears on your face when you show me how shiny inside your new treasure is and explain to me that it was the biggest one around.  And my guess is you’ve already picked out the perfect spot in your room for it. 

Meanwhile, when I saw it lying there on the beach moments before, I saw it as one of the many similar shells and quickly stepped over it.  When you grabbed it, I made sure to tell you it was the only one you could collect because I didn’t want more things lying around the house. 

But, as you look at me, so proud of your treasure, I realize I am the one missing out on all the fun and honestly, what are a few more treasures around the house?  I love how you boys constantly remind me of all the joy that can be found in the little things. - Heather Reagan

amanda caves | feb 2016 | where the boys are

How he feels about: going to the dentist, cold weather, any food except pizza and donuts, my giraffe shirt, and homework. I think we're close to the point where he needs to stop using that finger to point. - Amanda Caves

sarah roberts | feb 2016 | where the boys

Ted, he goes EVERYWHERE with you!  You are 5 now and I hold onto every bit of you, the way you hold onto your teddy tightly and like you never want to him go.... - Sarah Roberts


kelly noel | feb 2016 | where the boys are

I’ve always loved to watch you sleep, but even more so now that you’re so incredibly busy and never stop moving. You’re still in your crib, but you’ve graduated to sleeping with a pillow and blanket and your favorites “Walrus and Shamu”. You’re growing up so fast and I want to remember this. - Kelly Noel

autumn nguyen | feb 2016 | where the boys are

Lately, all you want to do is stay home and play. When I said that we would go for a family hike on President's Day, I was prepared for "No! I don't want to go. I want to stay home." You completely surprised me. "Sure, mama. Let's go."  It wasn't the easiest hike for our little legs but you happily hopped, danced, ran, and skipped along the trail looking for this gem. We soaked in some sun and enjoyed this little slice of heaven. No complaints from you at all. Just a whole lot of happiness -- and pride!  - Autumn Nguyen

kelly sutton | where the boys are

Oh, Brother... Your magnetic pull toward one another transcends even the most glorious of moments. With anyone else, this would be just another beautiful sunset. But, with the two of you, together with me, it will one of my most cherished last lights of my lifetime. - Kelly Sutton

danya | feb 2016 | where the boys are

You can be quite picky about what we leave the house for, being my introvert. (You got that from me, so don’t worry, I completely get it.)  When I’m able to get that genuine smile and look of excitement out of you, it makes all the struggles worth it. - Donya Gjerdingen

susan keller | feb 2016 | where the boys are

It’s been a year and a half.  You’d think I’d be accustomed to this by now.  That I would be settled into my new “normal”.  And I *am* thrilled that my firstborn is currently successfully navigating his way through his second semester sophomore year.  And yet.   I still feel like something important is missing when his silhouette is absent from my frame. - Susan Keller

andrea moffatt | feb 2016 | where the boys are

I can’t believe you are three already. Your identity as Our Baby has been shifting slowly for a while now as you show us all you are capable of— all the jokes, all the one-liners, all the love. Your legs hang off the rocking chair, but you still let me rock you. You can sing the words yourself, but you still let me sing to you. You can walk down the stairs in the morning, but you still let me carry you. As hard as it for me to watch that baby chub stretch out into an energetic, independent little boy, it’s a joy to watch you come into your own. Thanks for easing me into it. - Andrea Moffatt

amy bernard | feb 2016 | where the boys are

Your preschool teacher once said: "All the boys want to be Henry and all the girls want to be near Henry".  This is your super-power. You have a quirky magic about you that simply feels good to be around. - Amy Bernard

cate wnek | feb 2016 | where the boys

The fact is, we are going to forget most of it. It’s the odd bits that we remember that will stay with us, for whatever reason – the sticky fingers and Eskimo kisses.  I’ve started shooting differently now, more for the overall feeling of things. Already, I can feel my heart swell with the warmth of these salty moments running through me as I look at these new, raw pictures. I have the ability to rewire my groovy brain to hold on to these feelings of being their mother, quite purposefully, for myself but also for them, and it’s with photography.  - Cate Wnek

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss.