Connected | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Evolution

This morning as I pulled the images into the post my internal tape kept repeating, man that is GOOD, and then, can't wait to hear the STORY. I may have watermarked the fastest I ever have so I could add the words. 

Nina had me laughing out loud because that is absolutely something I would have done and bravo to our boys for adapting. They are building character, yes?

Susan had tears of joy falling on my face because while I still have littles the oldest and I are dipping our toes into these waters, man she encourages me for what is to come. 

I all too well understood Sarah's space with Teddy as my youngest just decided he was done with all the Paw Patrol toys he begged for only a year ago.

Heather had me going down memory lane and in fact I was just retelling the other day how my oldest was not so sure about a baby but the middle was all over it.

Donya and I share boys who love My Little Pony, is there anything more awesome that a mom who doesn't limit her boys by boy/girl obsessions?

Amy had me nodding my head in agreement; we have a rock collection that is ever growing in our home.

Amanda could have been describing my Owen as last week he taught me that on the bottom of recyclables there is a number that tells you how good the recycling is, or something along those lines!

Jen, oh man, so inspired. My oldest turns 12 this December and this might be one of the most meaningful projects I attempt. So doing this. 

And Kelly, well you got me. Such a tenderness shown and lesson learned. There is always space for love. 

What I love is that despite geographic differences, cultural differences, stage of life differences we are all connected. This is not a group of pre-existing friendships or shared experiences. Paths may have crossed or personas admired from afar but no prior life lived together. So, it's not as though I'm predisposed to see my life in every story shared. However, the tie that binds us is stronger than any superficial difference and I think, I hope, that is what continues to bring you here to this space.

The world is so intent on seeing differences. What if we intently looked for what we shared? I think there would be a lot more kindness in this world. There sure is a lot more joy in mine. 

Welcome to our June collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


Senior school has been quite a steep learning curve for us all in this house. It's been a brilliant year, with lots of high points; you’ve settled right in to your new regime, and we’re so proud of how you’ve made this transition. As we come to the end of your first senior year, you’ve made yourself some wonderful new friends who you love spending time with and who are a joy to have around. What we weren’t quite prepared for was year end exams – we just hadn’t even considered them, and they literally crept up on us.

Having booked a trip away with a very large group of friends, we realised quite quickly that this timing was far from ideal. You were so conscientious though; packing your school rucksack to bring along and stressing about wifi (with me assuming this was due to computer games and later realizing a lot of your study guides were actually on your school web site!) You managed to get up a couple of times – sitting at the kitchen table, books spread all around you, trying to study while your brothers slept off the late night we'd all had.

We are proud of you whatever happens – and the lesson we have learnt this time? (apart from never take the British weather for granted!!) is no more May break holidays for now – time to move this annual trip to a different time of year! - Nina Callow

More so than ever before, I’m acutely aware that I’m minus littles in the house, and that my “babies”, are taller than me (well, two of you, and soon, very soon, the third), and are voting (my oldest), and are making their own hair decisions (those curls, eh?!), and are just generally looking not little-boy anymore.  But, oh, can I just say?... these stereotypically difficult teenage years are actually pretty fun.  My littles have grown into witty, smart, thoughtful, awesome-to-converse-with human beings.  - Susan Keller

Wherever we go, whatever we do, you collect things.  And then you gift them to me.  I don’t have the heart to throw them away, so we save them.  Not all of them, but some.  In vases, as decorations, in the garden.  They are everywhere, and everywhere I look I am reminded of you and your generous soul.  - Amy Lancaster

Your current obsessions change so quickly these days.  From Dragons one week to My Little Pony the next.  The variety is awesome.  I love watching you fully immerse yourself in each week’s interest, learning as much as you can about the topic, and teaching everyone else around you about it as well.  - Donya Gjerdingen

“Can I give the baby a hug and kiss?”  I hear you ask this many times throughout the day.  You have taken your new role as big brother seriously and are already such a natural at it. - Heather Reagan

So here he is...your faithful teddy by your side, going everywhere with you. You will be 6 this year...I know one day your little hand won't hold him anymore.  The time is getting closer, more and more he is left on his own.....a sure sign you are growing up my boy :)  - Sarah Roberts

You're my curious boy. You are constantly questioning, learning, and telling us all what you have learned. One of the most amazing things about being a mama is getting to see thing through your children's eyes.  There's nothing else like it. - Amanda Caves

You’re growing up at double-speed now. All those years where days were epochs, and now our world spins so fast I can’t catch seem to catch my breath. At a whopping twelve, I see you simultaneously holding onto to some of your sweet childhood loves while asking for a longer leash with friends. It’s how it is supposed to be. In my attempt to not miss all your nuanced changes in this densely packed pre-teen year, I’m capturing you each week. I could not be any more grateful. 8/52 

All three of you are now playing ball which means I don't get to be at every game of yours anymore. I knew this day would come but that doesn't mean it's been easy being on the sidelines across town at another game. The fear of missing out is more about me than you. Growing pains for me I suppose.

But today, this day, the 8PM summer game was a gift. As I watched you I was so impressed with your sportsmanship and calm, even nature when things weren't going your way. Watching you I knew that you are learning everything I hoped you would from team sports. You got this, whether I'm in the stands or not. Bittersweet but so proud. - Monica 

Love. So much love in such a small space between our hearts. - Kelly Sutton