Little Things | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

Life is a wild roller coaster ride. But what I love about this group, about this project, is that no matter where we are in the ride we still delight in the little things.

Welcome to our August collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


You stopped to admire your own shadows on the last night of summer, the night before kindergarten. I’ve been blessed with this sight many times over this summer, but this is my favorite image because of the timing. It fills me with hopefulness for the year to come. So here’s to you brothers, best pals, partners in crime: let’s dive headlong into the coming year with as much passion and tenacity as we did these last three sun-drenched, magnificent months. We’ll go forward with summer in our hearts! - Andrea Moffatt

There is not one freckle on your cute little face that I don’t love. This photo sums you up perfectly! You’re adventurous, fun loving, strong and a little bit crazy. Your squeezable face and infectious giggle brighten up my world more than you will ever know my little man! - Anna Bein 

Surrounded by mountains and beautifully clear lakes on our hike, you found the biggest joy in finding a caterpillar.  Reminding me that the smallest things matter too.  - Donya Gjerdingen

Brothers – wherever you fall -  I will catch you. - Nina Callow

That moment.  You know, the one right after you guys had spent the entire afternoon together, out in public (and especially at your place of employment), and had returned home, and I asked if you were aware that you were “twinning” and wearing identical t-shirts?  That moment.  Hilarious, right? - Susan Keller 

Sixth grade, huh? One of my favorite things about our elementary is that it goes through sixth grade. It's helped me maintain denial that this year you are bigger and moving on to the next stage of your education. Unfortunately at Back to School night your teachers informed me that the State of Texas considers you to be in middle school. Um, yeah. I'm going to forget I heard that and maintain my denial. - Monica McNeill 

This is what I have always pictured when I think of brothers. Though you fight each other more often that not, it warms my heart to know that deep down you love each other and that you're the best of friends. - Amanda Caves

While it took a half dozen summers for you three to hit your stride together, I’m overjoyedto see these snippets of harmony among you.  It’s not perfect, but it’s real and it’s all yours.  - Jen Lucas