The Long and Short of It

The short of it is that starting this month the Where The Boys Are project will be back to posting on the last day of the month through October. We've decided that the project will go silent November and December to create more space for our families.

The truth is that I'm never good at keeping it short.

The truth is my life got crazy unbalanced this summer and I did not honor my commitment to this project. And guess what, I'm telling myself that is OK. Sometimes, something has to give. Well, maybe a whole lot of somethings have to give.

I could give you all the details but the heart of it is that it doesn't matter. I think we all find ourselves unbalanced at one time or another. And the "thing" that puts us there will be unique to each our lives.

What is relevant is that last year my eyes were opened to my truth. I was giving my time and energy to a lot of noise and stealing from the essential. So, when I choose a guiding word, aka One Little Word, for 2017 I choose Nourish or perhaps it choose me.

And so I sat in the quiet over the holidays and discerned what I was going to nourish in this one precious life I've been given. My health, my love, my boys and personal family documentation are the buckets I will be filling this year.

I recently came across this old photograph. It was early 2005 and I was a brand new mother on her first day back to work. And while I don't shoot film anymore or with flash for that matter I still believe above all else that documenting our lives matters.

This boy is now twelve and it's not as easy to just plop down in front of him with my camera.

I think whether you are raising a boy or girl it gets harder as they get older to come into their space with a camera. But just because it gets harder doesn't decrease the importance. If anything, it exponentially increases because the moments you do capture are precious. This is certainly one of the truths that put personal family documentation at the top of my priority list for 2017.

Where The Boys Are fundamentally aligns with what matters most to me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing community of mothers that believe the same. We have made the choice collectively to come back to this project and be all in. We look forward to seeing you on the 31st.