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In the end we’ll all become stories.
— Margaret Atwood

Welcome to our February collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


If there’s anyone in the world who can match your curiosity, it’s Pap. He models a rare quality, quickly becoming extinct in this world. And that is: a learning, questioning, probing mindset that is open to the possibility that there is always room to learn a new trick or change an existing idea to make room for the new. Something tells me that these fading abilities to actively seek out new information and thoughtfully synthesize it are skills that will be imperative as you grow into young men, and - dare I say, key to the future peace of our world. So be like Pap. Never ever, ever stop wondering How Things Work or why people act the way they do. Never stop digging deeper toward a place of understanding. Find your Truth. - Andrea Moffatt

The best part about you being seven is that you are trying out all sorts of new things. And I’m so proud of you that you give everything a go. Slowly but surely you’re getting more comfortable on your skateboard and before I know it, you’ll be over at the skate park hanging out with those ‘big’ boys. Until then, I’ll soak up the afternoon sun and watch you practising in the back yard. - Anna Bein

What life looks like when College Kid comes home to visit … corner of the couch, computer on lap, phone nearby, new tunes for uploading, New Testament Greek to study, jackets hanging on chairs, and [just out of sight of this frame] all manner of stacks of movies and books taking over “his” end of the coffee table and his placemat at the bar.  The clutter arrives instantaneously with him and quietly leaves an empty space when he returns to campus.  Well.  Except for the stuff he forgets.  That I haul up to his room. Out of sight.  To reclaim my space.  And some tiny modicum of tidiness. - Susan Keller

Its happened gradually and its just so sad. It started with the odd complaint here and there and has now escalated into full blown sabotage. You have decided that “its not fair” – “all your life you’ve been photographed” – “surely it must be someone else’s turn?”

It breaks my heart, as I’ve never asked you to pose for a photo and smile, just been there, on the side lines, documenting your days, my way, for us all to look back on in these speedy years that pass so fast – so ridiculously, crazily fast that all of a sudden your 8!

You see the camera, and you screw up your little face, you bury your head in your coat, you run away and now you’ve got the others on board so you are all at it!

Handily for me, there are those moments when you’re so engrossed in what you are doing, that I can just about get away with it. I’ve learnt to be so quick, gone are the days I sat on the floor as you played with your toys, clicking away in my own little world just like you were in yours - as you hear that shutter (even on silent) and I am well and truly rumbled.

Why? I wish I knew…… - Nina Callow

In Kindergarten we don't keep score. It's supposed to be an introduction. This is the ball, it goes into the basket, you bounce it down the court. But the truth is you are keeping score and you know. You know there wasn't a game this season your team walked away the winner. 

I'm the first to raise my hand and say I never played a sport a day in my life. BUT I've been doing life a while now and there are winners and losers in every arena. And I know that you learn more when you lose than when you win. After a game where you kept taking yourself out for one too many potty breaks we found ourselves having this conversation in the hall long after the teams had left. 

M: I am most proud of you when you don't give up. I know you are frustrated but I don't care if you win. I only care that you keep going, you keep working hard and you never give up."

O: WHAT? You don't care if I get a basket? 

M: No, of course I do. What I am saying is that if you try and make a basket I am proud of you. If you try and don't make a basket I am STILL proud of you. What is important is that you try... 

O: Thanks Mom for the confidence. [insert big hug]

It's not fun and it's not easy losing but there is something to be learned from disappointment. And those lessons will carry you farther in life than anything that comes easy. Keep trying sweet boy I will always be proud. - Monica McNeill 

Life is busy.  I’m sure everyone feels that way.  But especially now that we are balancing 3 kids, it feels like we’re always running to something or another.  Which is why I cherish our family time on the weekends.  It’s usually something simple, like going out to eat in between errands or other plans, but it feels good to find the time to just be together. And finding a place with kid’s menus to color and enough noise to drown out any whining or meltdowns that may occur is always a plus. - Heather Reagan

When you were 15 months old, you saw your first real horse and immediately fell in love. You began riding just before you turned three. And after three years of riding, you decided to take a break. I captured this image on the last day of your riding lesson. Part of growing up includes a change in interests (which is hard for me to accept) but I know that there will always be a special place in your heart for the beautiful creatures. - Autumn Nguyen

We're deep into the potty humor stage at our house.  If this humor was a sound, it would be nails on a chalkboard. I'm trying my best to take it as it comes and not draw too much attention to it. Here's hoping it will go by the wayside quickly. - Amanda Caves

How we went so long without a trip to the beach is beyond me.  Sometimes life just passes us by too quickly and all of a sudden we haven’t felt the sand between our toes in over a year.  It is photos likes these that I make sure to print and hang up around the home in the hopes that it reminds all of us to live life more and stay home less. - Donya Gjerdingen