It All Counts | Where The Boys Are, A Memory Keeping Revolution

How often do you pick up your camera? It used to be that mine was always in hand and each month would generate hundreds of pictures. But lately, well, let's just say I had to hunt for my camera to find my recent card.

I'm not sure what drives the ebb and flow but for me, in these moments of draught, I begin to question everything and that seems to make it even harder to pick up the camera. But then, I think, there are only a handful of images that I easily recall from my childhood - an afternoon at McDonalds with my Dad, pushing a baby carriage as a preschooler with lace on top of my head as if I were a nun, my Mom lovingly gazing at her newborn in a bassinet, a roadside, gas station snapshot of college me with my grandparents.  

No, it doesn't matter how often I pick up my camera it simply matters that I do. Time to stop beating myself up and just know that whatever we do, no matter how much or how little, it will count in the end.  

Welcome to our March collaborative post. We hope that sharing our story inspires you to share yours. 

Here we go......


As time stands still – you – caught in a moment in time, frozen by the click of a shutter – always there to look back on and remember the days we used to do this! The fun you had with Nanna’s old suitcase full of vintage film cameras, road testing them all and finding your favorite.

This picture is not a recent one, gone are your long blond locks I loved so much, those tiny little toes getting bigger now and that favorite star print tee a distant memory, in the bin after one too many arguments with spaghetti bolognaise!

There are times I long for these days to come back- for tiny you to clamber up onto my lap and fall asleep, so tired from the day you’ve had- just like you used to when you were small. But these times are now few and far between - I’m so proud of how your growing up, how your trying so many new and exciting things on your adventures in life and growing into such a lovely boy! Keep up the good work! - Nina Callow

When the brothers started fussing that you were stealing their friends at birthday parties and playdates and sleepovers we realized it was time for you to have your very.own.playdate.

Rarely do you exist without your brothers. It was so interesting to see who you consider your bestie and what you guys wanted to do with your afternoon together. Turned out it was photo booth on the laptop with silly faces for the win.

Even though we've had a years of playdates in this house this was YOUR first playdate with your very own friend. Lesson for Mama - the roads may feel well traveled but I can't forget to travel them with you. - Monica McNeill 

A Dad leaves his mark in the world through the love he gives his children” ~ anonymous. Watching the two of you navigate the many tasks you come across is truly a joy. - Anna Bein

Since the day you were brought home from the hospital, your brothers have been enamored by you.  They would take breaks from playing to run up and give you kisses or try and get you to smile and laugh.  But now that you are close to being mobile (you’ve got some pretty awesome moves including rolls, lunges & pivots), you are realizing you can sometimes get to them instead of waiting for them to come to you.  I love the look of pride on your face when you get yourself somewhere new or even manage to grab one of their snacks or toys.  And seeing the patience that your big brothers have for you and your new moves makes my momma heart so happy. - Heather Reagan

Meandering through older pictures, I came across this piece of gold; it demonstrates that though my boys are growing and changing and we’re staring down a future with them as adults, that some things will never change.  Like this scenario.  We were at Bryce Canyon National Park.  We stopped in the visitor center for a bathroom break for all of us.  This is what I saw upon exiting the bathroom:  four dudes waiting.  Their expressions saying, "What took You so long?"  My response: "Well, *I* did wash my hands."  Their response: shrug, wry grin. - Susan Keller

It’s as if we are meticulously wringing out the last of our days together- just you and I, no preschool commitment and no older brother presiding over activity choices. Getting you all to myself this year has been such a gift, because through our time, I’ve uncovered who you are, uniquely and without the influence of others. With your older brother, I’ve known since day 1. (He never let me forget!) But, you? You are so go with the flow, so happy to play the games of other kids, that it took a whole lot of digging to reveal your silly, sweet, and deeply thoughtful soul. I’m so privileged to be your mom! - Andrea Moffatt

Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get you to be confident and brave in your abilities.  But when we go hiking, you shine.  You never doubt yourself as you climb the rocky trails to our destination.  It’s one of my favorite things to watch. - Donya Gjerdingen

New this academic year: there are quiet pockets of time when you two do your own thing after school. It’s almost suspiciously silent; my ears perk at the deafening stillness.  While there are other (many) additional hushed moments that your duo produces youthful shenanigans, I’m noting this mindful independence and putting it in the household WIN column. - Jen Lucas