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In my house my three boys are split into two camps - the littles (ages two & four) and my oldest (age ten). It is plain to see that each camp has a different relationship with my camera and unfortunately my Lightroom catalog reflects this. So, when I came across Jackie Cuervo's work and saw her teenage son prevalent I knew I wanted to see more. One image led to another and I discovered an entire album in her Flickr gallery and knew I had to share. Not only did she capture her son and his friends in an authentic way, she did it on film. 

You can find more of Jackie's work and links to all her social media on her site, here

Let the wild rumpus start!
— Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Living in South Florida has its perks, like no snow during Spring Break and a beach in your back yard.  Since this time of year is my husband's busy tax season, we are not usually able to venture out of town so we plan some stay-cation fun.  I headed over to Hollywood Beach with my son and a few of his friends to spend the day on the beach providing the perfect opportunity to experiment with my Dad's old Canon AE-1.

Photographing my son has required more finesse than photographing my daughter and her friends that were always pretty agreeable - I don't want to be the mom with the camera in their face all the time and want to give them space to just be boys.  Personally I love sitting back, watching and catching moments as they unfold.   I find that keeping moments simple and including friends lends to capturing authentic moments of my son at this stage of his life.  As he gets older, starts driving and becomes more independent, I will only have but a quick moment before he heads out the door to capture a photo.  It's days like these when I say call some friends I'll take you to the beach or the paintball park and sneak in some photos.

The sun-drenched windy beach day, a kite, a football, some fun cycles and boys being boys were all the ingredients required for a great day and made for some of my favorite images captured on film.  

Best of all, these teenage boys didn't check their phones once!

Sharing The Journey | Where The Boys Are Flickr Features

I am so excited to share this post with you today. It has been a labor of love the last few weeks pulling together this content to share from our Flickr pool amid the holiday crazy in my household but worth every single second. 

Our Flickr group for this project began as a place for our readers to share their images with us. As I reviewed the pool of images I realized it was really its own little community. Janielle Granstaff does a great job managing it for us and I couldn't help but smile seeing all the comments and stars throughout the pool. Thank you so much to all who contribute there. I have added the Flickr App to my phone and iPad and will be checking in regularly to follow some of my new favorite boy Mamas. 

In fact, I enjoyed reviewing the pool and pulling images so much that I couldn't limit our Flickr Features to only one post. So, everyday this week I will be sharing new content. We are starting our Monday with Erica Montgomery, Neeki Ryder, Amy Lancaster, Jackie Charlebois, Jackie Cuervo, Nadia Stone, Anita Cline, Sharon Covert, Allison Wheeler, April Milani, Ursula Williams, Heather Robinson, Ali Deck, Natalie Windsor, and Kelsey Farnham. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I did. Make sure you click on their image to see more of their work. 




The night before this image was taken i asked my son, “how are you liking your first year of soccer buddy?" He responded, “I really like the ice cream at the end!” The next day, when coach called a team huddle after practice, i ran over with my camera expecting to be ignored. When my son shot me this look I couldn’t stop laughing. It reminded me of our conversation the night before. "I’m just here for the ice cream” seemed like the perfect title.



We had such a fun adventure with friends on a foggy hike in Radium, BC.  The boys loved climbing the muddy hills, because getting dirty always make for a better time! 



As soon as the Christmas box was out you were straight into the books.  There’s something magical about them.  They seem to spark the Christmas spirit and it begins the excitement.  The pop up one is definitely a favourite of yours.  And mine too.  We will read it over and over again before the year is out, and in a couple of weeks, it’ll be back in the box until next year.  And when next December comes around, the book will be just as loved as it is today.



I was in the kitchen making some holiday cookies when my 3 yr decided to join. He was fascinated with each step. In this image was watching the butter soak into the flour- and blowing on it to watch the flour "blow-up".



You are a thinker and analyzer just like me.  After 6 trips, twice to each long board store, you finally made your selection and bought it.  So on a gorgeous fall Florida day you asked me to join you while you went long-boarding and you waited for me to catch up.  There is nothing that makes me happier than watching you develop new passions. 



First time ever my kids and their friends played in our "little forest garden ". I feel like I am in robin hood or Peter Pan with the lost boys !



His imagination really soars at this age. He can combine Ninja Turtles and a train table and create all sorts of fun. It's one of our favorite things to do together.



This picture is of my newly turned 17 year old son, Gene, and his girlfriend, Kristen. It fills my heart with joy knowing he still enjoys family events such as apple picking. He may be almost an adult, but I still see his boyish grin in this image, and that's what makes it priceless to me.



My youngest was playing out in the back and ran in to tell me about all the mushrooms he found.  Being a country boy, he knows not to touch anything potentially harmful until a grownup says it's ok.  When I told him these were edible, he couldn't wait to harvest them for dinner.



Nathan and his Dad two days after he got home from his deployment to Afghanistan. He is the best Dad. He jumps right back in training his boys on the way to go. 

Nathan's first swim meet. I was one proud Mama of both my boys that day. But Nathan suffers form Seizures and Autism, so every thing he does he has to work twice as hard. I never dreamed he could be this free from his daily challenges. 



After being in the apple store so many times this last few weeks, i can be so frustrated, but not my little mini me, to him it is the best day ever no matter what.



It was a day after a long day learning how to read at school. He was so so tired , that my son just start to cry. I told him to let it go and then he feels better after all .



You are obsessed with costumes.  Here it is almost Christmas and you could care less.  Instead, you keep asking me when will it be Halloween again.  

We don't get that many opportunities where it is just you and I.  One or both of your sisters are usually close by.  So when you asked me to go fly your new plane with you, I practically flew out the door with excitement.  



We had big plans that day to go to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree, only to find out it was closed on Sundays. So, off to Home Depot we went to get a tree. He insisted on wearing those sunglasses even though we were inside most of time, with the exception of when they wrapped the tree for us! 



Our annual ritual of cutting down our own tree. We were bummed there wasn't any snow this year, but we just kept on pretending like there was. 

The first snow in Ohio is always exciting and beautiful. Then after three months of it, we never want to see another flake. 



This photo is of my youngest at our favorite place on earth, Costco. When we pull into the parking lot he applauds and cheers every time, we stop and watch the movies, we eat all the samples, and we zoom down every aisle, we really have a ton of fun at Costco! He is always so happy there, and I wanted to document that feeling, so we could always remember it. 



Raising A Man. When Daddy works out of town, you are the man of the house.