Don't Forget the Details | Behind the Scenes with Amy Lancaster

This post is part of a series of behind the scene posts authored by the Where The Boys regular contributors. This is our opportunity to share with you the very best of us and our different perspectives on mothering / capturing / documenting our sons. Our hope is that in these posts you find encouragement and inspiration in your journey of celebrating your son(s). 

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I first picked up a camera to capture their childhood, as millions of other mothers do across the World.  But as the years have flown by it has become so much more, I want to remember EVERYTHING.  From the ice cream faces, to their favourite ‘catch me’ games on the swing.  The time we made Super Ted to the gatekeeping duties when we visit their Grandparents in France - nothing out of the ordinary, but looking back at these particular images brings back all the memories of that day and that exact moment.

The details, for me, are just as important as the everyday activities.  It captures their little personality, and freezes a tiny portion of that in time.  The things, that in 20 years could be a forgotten.  The little things.  The flowers and gifts they pick me from the garden, the way my youngest has to hold on to the label on his comforter (and the fact that at 4 and a half, he still uses his comforter every single day!), the crazy dress sense, the chubby fingers.  I’m scared to forget it all, and even now, looking back at images from just a few months ago there are moments and details that have been forgotten, but all been brought back from a single image.

I often wonder, had I not taken up photography, would I have been as passionate about capturing these little details?  And the honest answer is, probably not.  Sure, I would have captured that day trip to the beach or walk to the park, likely with a couple of iPhone shots.  But, I know for sure I wouldn’t have been thinking about the little things.  

I’d have likely taken a snapshot at some point of my son with his comforter, but I wouldn’t have even thought about capturing his little fingers rubbing the label, as he does every single day.  I would have assumed it would stay etched in my memory forever.  And there is a chance it would have, but that is not a chance I am willing to take!  So I captured that!  Preserved it forever.

The details are there, if you look for them - the quirky things that make your child who they are, the things that as they grow will change and be gone forever.  Don’t let them be forgotten, capture them.  And do it now, before it’s too late.

‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes,

but when you look back, everything is different’

~ C.S. Lewis