I am a full-time mom to two boys who unabashedly loves photography. Photographing my two boys is a way for me to play along, sharing in their excitement and joy. A reason for me to say yes to jumping on the bed, yes to skateboarding before bed in pjs, yes wearing superhero suits down by the shore. Today's the day to be creative and adventurous, everyday.


I love you to Pluto and back.


Boo is 8 and loves to jump of the dock, skateboard, play soccer,ride his bike, build legos and read. There is always a huge pile of books by his bed when he finally falls asleep. He is tender with his baby cousins and loves his friends. Fruit is one of his favorite foods - just the other day he ate a whole pint of blueberries in one sitting. Monkey is 5. He loves to go fast - running, biking, big wheeling, and swimming. Always up for a race. He is crazy artistic and quite clever with numbers and sounds. Give him anything to build or design and he will be as quiet and content. His favorite game is Parchessi. He still makes the sweetest sound when he eats something he really likes, the same sound he made when I fed him as a baby.