I live in Portland, Oregon with my amazing husband, 2 wonderful boys and black lab Tilly.  I am a CPA by day and a photographer by evening, weekends, and OK, often I’m immersed in photography by day too!  My passion for photography began when my oldest son was born, intensified after my 2nd son was born and now and I don’t know how I lived life without it!  It challenges me and allows me to see the beauty in everything.  I love capturing the real, right now moments with my boys and freezing stages of our life through pictures.


My Boys, My Lens, My Light


My oldest boy is 5 and is extremely cautious and verbal.  He forgets nothing (except for the convenient things like how to dress himself or get ready for bed when we ask him to), and surprises me daily with his insightful observations and his detailed questions on how things work (most of which I don’t have the answer to!).

My youngest boy is 3 and definitely keeps me on my toes.  With 2 sets of stitches before he turned 2, he proved that he was fearless and full of energy!  Thankfully he’s getting more coordinated and has an ever-growing vocabulary, constantly impressing me with his positive approach to life and amazing sense of humor.

Oh, and they both give amazing cuddles, which is all I need to make me happy!