At different points in my childhood, I wanted to be an artist, a teacher, a photographer and a writer. And somehow, I've landed at a point where I am all of those things at once. I spend my days immersed in memories, paper and glue as the Education Coordinator at a paper crafting kit company.

In addition to being a right brained wife to a left brained man and a mama to three crazy boys, I am an old house lover and a book addict. I love vintage and slightly rusty storage pieces and old sign letters. We live in a 90 year old house and I love the idea that we are making history while being surrounded by history. 


It’s messy and I love it.



They are 13, 11 and 7. They are growing up far too fast, and the only reason I forgive them for it is because they are becoming more and more amazing. They don't always get along, but they are best friends at 10:30pm when they really ought to be asleep. They exploit each other's weaknesses. They complement each other, and they each bring their own view into one another’s lives.

 Alex is black and white, Ben is shades of gray and Sam is the whole rainbow.