Full time working Mom to 2 teenage boys, age 13 and 17. I am a memory keeper, a photographer, a messy non- housekeeper, and an exercise junkie. My life is a crazy roller coaster, and I am never, ever bored. :)

My once little boys are now evolving into young adults. This is a new phase in my journey of motherhood, one that I am fully embracing with arms open wide.  Here is a secret: I was always a little wary of stories I heard about children growing up and how it just got better and better. I  really didn't believe it could get better past the 'cute' little boy stage, one that I would have kept them at forever when I was deep into it. But the truth is, and I'm supremely happy to state it out loud, is that is does get better. It's a deeper love, a wild ride into a transformation that is so fascinating to watch as the boys you have nurtured since babyhood grow into their own wonderful personalities. And I feel supremely blessed to be able to witness this blossoming unfolding. I love my life. 


They are my moon and stars.


Robert Jr. ( Bobby) is 17, just graduated high school, and seemed to grow up this past year in a  frighteningly fast way, but in a very good way. He is a brilliant mind, math genius, witty, an amazing clarinet player,  a bit of a loud blurter, introverted, but coming out of his shell. He has somehow turned into an adult while life passed by. What??  We recently said goodbye to him for the next month as he has embarked on his first real job at a summer camp, and he is enjoying his freedom immensely. :) Will be attending CEGEP ( pre- university)  in music this fall.

Noah. Polar opposite to above.  Our youngest, about to turn 14, still baby faced, much to his chagrin. He has been fastidious since the age of one,  is quiet, loves spicy Asian food, gaming, camping and the outdoors, hates math ( currently in summer school for said hated math), an amazing artist, a long boarder, a swimmer,  and  still loves to hug his Mom. Still want to keep him little a bit longer.