Joel, Jace, Micah + Rafe. The three boys + and the one man who are the near sum of everything my heart longs for. Add Jesus, unconditional love, my mom, my dad, my sisters, printed photographs, forgiveness, cooking, the ocean, homeschooling, risk taking, sleeping, best friends, cocktails, savannah, ga + you have every bit and piece of my soul.


Freely you have received. Freely Give.


Jace made me a mother 9 years ago. He is an old soul, a deep thinker, a dreamer, an artist, very sensitive, unbelievably athletic, consistently loving, graciously giving and smart. Very, very smart. When Jace was 10 months old we were told he would not live past eight. He’s nine years old. He fought steep obstacles and came out on the other side a genuine miracle. Micah Dean made Jace a brother 5 years ago. He is hilarious. A fantastic snuggle buddy. Really hilarious. Shy. Stingy with goodbye hugs. Super hilarious. Already romantic. A flower picker + giver. And... hilarious. Rafe is the baby. He joined our family 3 years ago. Micah is now just like Jace. A big brother. Rafe is the toughest human being I have ever met. He has busted his head open. Twice. He’s loud. He’s opinionated. He’s the epitome of a momma’s boy. I cherish his desire for me and only me. All three are gorgeous people. They are my gifts on this earth. And I’m grateful.