Living deep in the heart of Texas with the love of my life and my three rowdy boys. My heart's desire has always been a house full of laughter and most days I'm lucky to have that and a little more. 

With my first I was indifferent - boy, girl - it didn't matter. With my second I was desperate for the baby to be a boy. With my third everyone else wanted me to have a girl and I thought I was indifferent. Then the doctor told me it was a boy and my heart skipped a beat and the smile flooded my face. I thank God everyday for the blessings he put into my care. My road was not easy and my heart holds both the loss and the gifts. 

Photography is my therapy, my voice, my gratitude. I cherish the everyday and celebrate the small details more than the milestones. 


Trying to raise a good man.


Garrett is the boy who made me a Mama. He is nine and has so much of me in him that it makes my heart ache some days. At three he asked to play outside, in the cold, dressed in his PJs. When I told him that he needed to get dressed he responded "Well, I can just wear a coat..." He is relentless in a quiet way in getting what he wants and I have no doubt he will do great things - I'm just dying to see what it will be. 

Owen is my miracle and the glue that bonds us together. He is four and the child that introduced me to full on fits. When he was a newborn I worried I wasn't bonding with him when I couldn't calm his cries but it couldn't be further from our truth. He is a love and has the most passionate heart.  He will be my child who will hold his family in his heart with the same intensity he works to color in the lines.

Travis is the child that made us whole. He is two and it is as though he knows he is our baby. Even though he is my last he is so many of my firsts. The first to not be born at night, the first to take a pacifier, the first to not have brown eyes. Most days he is a walking contradiction - torn between playing his role of the baby and wanting to be just like his brothers.