Living in London, I spend my days juggling being mum to 3 and co running my own business. I’ve always had a love of photography and before I even got my first ‘big camera’, had thousands of images taken on my trusty Lumix compact. At home my camera is always to hand and I take it everywhere (even to the supermarket!) I constantly see pictures in everything the boys do and love capturing them doing every day ordinary things.


What did I do without You


My boys are a total mixture, no two are the same, Ollie ,10, is growing up fast , a thoughtful soul who has a really caring side, I just wish he would show it to his middle brother! He is always the one that ends up in that really muddy ditch, or face down in a stream resulting in lots of sympathetic looks from my other mum friends when its time to get him back in the car!

Tom, 9 is a sensitive soul, with a love for nature. He’s the one that will bring me in a snail from the garden and wonder why I don’t want it in my kitchen.! And then there’s Jack, 6, (or Sprout as we call him), the last one to join our family and we are so glad he did! He is our sporty, stubborn little man, its either his way or the highway –of course he doesn’t get away with that but he tries! They fight like cat and dog and wind each other up, but then there are the night times when they’ve all 3 climbed into one bed and are curled round each other like a pack of lion cubs- and I know, deep down, they love each other really!