I am passionate in capturing my boys lives, especially the little details....making notes of the little things they say, photographing their little lives and by keeping all those little presents they give to me (I have lots of little pictures, sticks and stones!).  I know that time is precious  with them as they grow up so quicky. Working full time has made me appreciate weekends better and use that spare time on them I suppose. Married and been with the hubby for 20 years now (who rolls his eyes a lot when the camera comes out for the least thing lol) and we live in the UK (where the weather is so unpredictable it drives me crazy – got to love the wind and rain!!)


Proud to be – Mum of three


Conor, 12 yrs old. So gentle and caring and a little worrier – give me lots of love. Totally trustworthy. Loves his xbox :/ He adores his youngest brother, trying to get his attention all the time over his other brother, but without success. Plays football for his local team....Conor is quite a laid back chap and has lots of friends.

Cameron, 9 yrs old. A bit crazy wild, always busy, loving, will do anything to make you happy and always makes you laugh. He is the goalie in his Dad’s football team and takes it to heart if they don’t win! Adored by his youngest brother, who protects Cameron against Conor (poor Conor).  He gives me that look lately when I try to photograph him...'mum, just get on with it' lol

Euan, 3 yrs old. I thought Cameron was wild until Euan came along. He just dances anywhere, runs everywhere, very opinionated, can’t tell him what to do half the time and he loves collecting our money from us! (and hides it lol). He is too busy so we get half-hearted hugs from him but sometimes he is caring and out of the blue will share his sweets with you! And finally he LOVES his Teddy who goes absolutely everywhere with him.